We are God's hands in our world.  That means we have a special privilege as blessed Christians to show others God's great love.  There are many ways to connect within our walls and in our community.  Here you will find a starting place to use your gifts to help with the work of “Connecting All Generations to Christ and Community”.

Bonus! A study of 1100 adults ages 51 to 91 found that those who volunteered at least 200 hours per year were 40 percent less likely to have high blood pressure than those who didn’t volunteer.


Look through the our volunteer opportunities and sign up for something big or small, either way you'll make a difference in the life of a person or your community. It's easy to become connected by sending an email to janet@cantonlutheran.net or calling 605-764-2429.


Click on the Ministry Scheduler Pro image above to manage your personal volunteer schedule.  Username and password required.  Please contact Janet if you need these assigned to you.



Our Children's Ministry seeks to prepare and equip our children for their Christian journey by providing opportunities to learn while doing by attending Sunday School, Wednesday School,   ROCK ( our after school program), Preschool Vacation Bible School, Day Camp, Summer Bible Camp experiences, and Children's Christmas programs.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

  • Wednesday Shepherd

Greet and take attendance for a class group. Assist the Workshop Teacher as needed.

  • Wednesday Workshop Teacher

Plan and teach a lesson to children in Grades 1-5.  Teach the same lesson to different age groups for 4-6 weeks.

  • Wednesday Children's Singing Leader

Sing and teach children ages 3-11 Bible songs.  Lead them in singing at worship one to three times during the school year.

  • Wednesday Pianist for Children
  • Wednesday ROCK Minister
  • Direct or assist Christmas program/s
  • Substitute for Wednesday School
  • Whenever needed!



 Worship Ministry supports our three services so that they are  a spiritual time for our members and visitors. It takes over 30 volunteers each week to make our worship services flow smoothly and make everyone feel welcome.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

  • Usher

Arrive 15-20 minutes before the service and help hand out bulletins and help people find open seats.  During the service receive the offering and direct people for communion distribution.  After the service tidy up the worship area. Monitor the entire building for safety issues by doing a walk through the halls, basement, and education wing during worship.

  • Greeter

Greeters provide a genuine word of welcome to members and guests.  Greeters should help direct guests to coat racks, nursery, and bathrooms. Greeters are stationed at the Southeast, Southwest and Northeast doors and in place 15-20 minutes before worship. Nametags are located in the bottom left hand side of the mailboxes by the office.   

  • Lector (Lay Reader)

Lectors assist with worship each week by reading the assigned Bible Readings. Lectors can get the readings from the Church Office by midweek either in person or by e-mail so that there are no surprise pronunciations.  Please enunciate clearly and speak slowly so that all can hear God's word.   

  • Altar Guild

Members that prepare the communion elements before worship services.  Altar Guild volunteers work in pairs and are trained by experienced members. 

  • Communion Assistant

Come to the altar right after the pastor invites all to commune.  You will receive communion first and then proceed to the station the pastor assigns you. When distributing bread you say, “Body of Christ, given for you.”  When distributing the wine you say, “Blood of Christ, shed for you.”  During distribution of either bread or wine you can say the person's name, such as “Body of Christ, given for you, John.”  Children that have not taken communion instruction are given a blessing.  Touch their head and say, “God loves and cares for you”, or “You are a loved child of God”.

  • Tellers

Count donations after the worship service with another person. Training with an experienced teller will be needed.

  • Coffee/Treat Server

After Sunday morning worship we have a Coffee Fellowship time in the Church Library.  The Coffee/Treat Server brings a light snack that will serve about 15-20 people.  Don puts the coffee pot on before worship so all you have to do is serve the coffee with treats and clean-up afterward. 

  • Wednesday Service Tech Crew

Set-up the screen, projector and microphones.  Make sure all electronics are working for the Wed. service. Training is necessary for this ministry.

  • Sunday Service Videographer

Videotape the 9:30 am Sunday  Worship and take DVD to the Midco and Knology sites that will play the service that afternoon.  Training is necessary for this ministry.   



    • Gospel Choir – Adults that love singing for worship.  They meet on Wed. nights to practice and sing at worship about once a month.
  • Youth Bell Choir– Students in Grades 2-5 that enjoy making music.  Practice is on Wed. after school and performances on Sun. or Wed.
  • Christmas Cantata




The workers in this ministry are serving with their hands and hearts to help others from CLC and the community to see God's love in action.

Opportunities to Participate:

  • Service Group Caller

This person calls the people on their service group to give time, food, or monetary donations for an event.

  • Service Group Worker

As a member of CLC you are part of a service group. You will be called on to work at funerals or special events as a set-up person, server, and clean-up person.

  • Service Group Food Minister

As a member of CLC you are part of a service group.  You will be called to provide food (salads, cupcakes, or cookies) for funerals or special events at CLC.




This is a women's organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  As a partner in the total ministry of CLC, the organization affirms, supports and challenges women in their daily ministries at home and around the world.  As a member of CLC you are a automatically welcomed as a member of WELCA.

Opportunities to Participate:

  • Circle Bible Study Member

Meet once a month with other women to study the Bible.

  • Care and Share

Meet once a month to quilt or put together layettes and school kits for Lutheran World Relief.

  • Special Events

World Day of Prayer, Annual Potato Bake


Contact Name: Judy Stearns

Contact Email: jstearns@iw.net

Contact Phone: 605-214-1552




Canton Lutheran Church invites you to connect with us as you seek an authentic and meaningful life.  Come and discover the healing power of making a difference in the world and in the lives of real people and real situations.  Our value for ministry is;





"Connecting All Generations to Christ & Community"

God's Word.  Our Voice.

God's Welcome.  Our Embrace.

God's Work.  Our Hands.